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The concept behind CESA as a ‘Strategy’ and not a definitive Action Plan provides a robust opportunity for a variety of players to participate, on their own and/or in a coalition, in the implementation of the continental framework. Every participating agency contributes with its particular strengths towards the achievement of the overall vision and mission of the Continental Education Strategy for Africa, within identified action areas.

The Clusters are delegated to implement as well as help implement these strategic objectives, among others, by drawing, convening and integrating multiple national, regional and continental players, programmes, institutions and development partners.  Clustering under thematic areas has been identified as an effective tool for enhancing coordination and strengthening partnerships around common themes. This is anticipated to enhance alignment and harmony among stakeholders as well as facilitate the identification and deployment of synergies for enhanced efficiency and effectiveness. Each cluster will develop a management structure including a lead agency that would be responsible for convening the partners and reporting to the AUC, and it will also agree on a one- or two-year rolling roadmap of anticipated activities and outcomes.


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