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The information provided below was submitted as at 2020-06-08 13:37:51 by the Ministère de l'Education nationale of Senegal in responding to the AU Survey of Member States on Education Sector Response to COVID-19. The information is solely for experience sharing purposes and not to be used for other purposes without express permission of the African Union Commission. 


Country Senegal
Ministry Ministère de l'Education nationale
Education level handled by the Ministry Pre-School, Primary, Secondary
Number of Schools in Pre-School 3,581
Number of Schools in Primary 10,343
Number of Schools in Secondary 1,329
Does the Ministry have a COVID-19 response plan? No
 Percentage estimate of Schools Closed 90-100
 Percentage estimate of Schools Offering Distance/Virtual Education 70-89
 Percentage estimate of Students who are currently receiving Virtual/Distance Education 50-69
Methods for the provision of Distance/Virtual Education  Lessons are scanned and sent through email for students to complete., Interaction through WhatsApp/Telegram or other social messaging applications between students and teachers, Online lessons via government owned e-learning portal, Online lessons via public-private partnership led e-learning portal, TV, Radio
Specific Innovations which are being implemented - La mise en place de duplicopieurs pour la fourniture de fascicules et guide dans les localités non couvertes par les stratégies numériques -documents physiques);
- La création d'un canal TNT dédié au télé-enseignement.
Partners which are supporting the Ministry of Education to respond to COVID-19 GPE, Plan International, UNESCO, UNICEF, World Bank, WFP
Is there a plan for reopening schools? Yes
Does the reopening plan include a back to School campaign? Yes
Does the reopening plan include catch-up strategies for the school calendar and or curriculum? Yes
Objectives and priorities of the plan to reopen Schools Les objectifs visés par le plan de réouverture sont:
- étudier les scénarii de réouverture en fonction de l'évolution de la pandémie;
- assurer une réouverture progressive des classes (une feuille de route du scénario adopté);
- coordonner en rapport avec les Ministères concernés, les actions nécessaires pour assurer une ouverture sécurisé des établissements;
- définir un protocole sanitaire en rapport avec le Ministère de la santé pour orienter la réouverture des écoles et les condition de séjours des élèves dans les établissements.
Is there a separate strategy/strategies for girls to catch up on their education due to the impact of COVID-19? Yes
Challenges that have been encountered by the Ministry while responding to COVID-19 Availability of Virtual Learning Technology Hardware and Infrastructure, Internet Connectivity to support deployment Virtual Learning platforms, Financing gaps
Date Submitted 08-06-2020


If you are interested in contacting the Ministry for further information, please contect This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Please note that any secondary use of this data is not allowed without seeking express permission of the African Union Commission.