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The information provided below was submitted as at 2020-05-15 16:18:01 by GIZ in responding to the AU Survey of Partners Education Sector Response to COVID-19. The information is solely for experience sharing purposes and not to be used for other purposes without express permission of the African Union Commission.


Name of Organisation: GIZ
Key objectives of the initiative/program?
As technical implementation agency of the German Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development, GIZ is supporting the African Union Commission in the establishment of the Pan African University (PAU), specifically its Rectorate in Cameroon and its institute for water and energy sciences, incl. Climate Change (PAUWES) in Algeria. Our key objectives are the promotion of excellence in higher education in Africa and the promotion of youth entrepreneurship activities on the continent, both directed towards equipping African youth with the tools to face and solve modern challenges.
Elements of the Initiative/Program
Support to Innovators, Other (to be specified); Online entrepreneurship pitching event for PAU students: development of webinars, online coaching and selection of participants and digital communication to promote the event.
E-learning (instead of physical training) and e-coaching to support staff development of PAUWES and e-modules on leadership, entrepreneurship and Career development for PAUWES students.

Sectors of Education targeted by the Initiative/Program
Tertiary Education;
Other Organisations/Institiutions involved in implementing the program/initiative
African Union Commission; Pan African University and its different institutes; University of Tlemcen, Algeria; KfW Development Bank, African Development Bank;
Regions in Africa benefiting from Program/Initiative
Eastern Africa, Northern Africa, Central Africa
Countries in Africa benefiting from Program/Initiative
Algeria, Cameroon, Ethiopia
Challenges with the COVID-19 response
Fast-paced need for creative adaptation; general insecurity regarding COVID-19 developments in the upcoming months; slower pace of implementation; challenges in reaching partners due to connectivity problems
Lessons learned from the COVID-19 response
To be further determined at a later stage of evaluation;
Virtual formats for meetings and workshops which are likely to be continued this way in the future
Good practices with the COVID-19 response
To be determined at a later stage of evaluation
Innovations implemented during the COVID-19 response
Introduction of new digital formats to promote entrepreneurial mindsets of students and to support their career development.


If you are interested in contacting the Organisation for further information, please contect This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Please note that any secondary use of this data is not allowed without seeking express permission of the African Union Commission.