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Title of Innovation: Careers Master


Year of implementation: 2017


Implemented by: The Student Hub Limited

Country/Countries where the Innovation is being implemented: Uganda

Problem being solved

Our innovation is solving the problem of poor career guidance in schools largely attributed to the lack of up to date and relevant career information and labor market information to use to guide and prepare students to embark on fulfilling career paths. This leads to poor decision making among students and ultimately leads to unemployment and underemployment as students choose paths whose skills are not needed in the market place

Description of innovation

Our solution is implemented through a mobile app and web app at where a student creates an account and embarks on  a journey of self discovery through online personal assessments on student interests, personality and abilities there by connecting the student to a myriad of career paths that match their results

Our solution is designed to be a trusted companion of the student along their academic journey as it connects what they learn in class to a myriad of career paths to enable them value where they are as they visualize were they are going as well as empowering the student with tools that allow them to set goals and journal as they move on their academic journey

Through the web and mobile application parents, mentors and teachers are connected to assist the students in making very informed career decisions at every step of the way. With parents understanding what career paths are of interest to their students.

Teachers on our platform get to understand what career paths are of interest to students hence plan better career guidance fairs as well as empowers teachers with information to connect what they teach to career fields.

Mentors on our platform share career experiences with students as well as keep students a braced with trends in the work place plus answering students related career questions

Outcomes and Impact

Our solution culminates into a life long learning platform that will walk with the student from primary school through secondary into adulthood with information relevant at every level

Our solution individualizes career guidance for students as it is tailor made to cater for individual student's interest and abilities

Our solution gives policy makers a sneak peak into the future landscape of a country's work force giving key statistics on dashboard showing career interests of students and their education requirements

Our solution bridges the huge gap between school and the work place through Mentor-ship from a school's alumni

Potential to be scaled and replicated

Our solution can be replicated in other countries in Africa as many countries and grappling with the fact that they need to prepare students in their right chosen fields to enhance the current labor force. So with customizing the content according a specific country, our application can scale across Africa

It is sustained in the following ways

  • Access on a subscription basis for users who want access to this vital information.
  • Advertisement from institutions of higher learning
  • Monetized API to have access to the rich data and statistics on careers master
  • 10% commission on every student we enroll in partners Institutions