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Title of Innovation: Augumented reality (AR) App for Learning


Year of implementation: 2019




Implemented by: Maw Technologies

Country/Countries where the Innovation is being implemented: Zimbabwe

Problem being solved

Despite the high literacy rate in Zimbabwe and some parts of Africa, the concerning thing are the low passrates e.g this year(2019) the 0'level passrates was 32% in Zimbabwe next-door in South Africa it was about 84%. Pass rates really no longer matter our industries tell that story. The issue is lack of quality education and education in general in some parts of the world. Visit

Description of innovation

Augumented reality (AR) is a technology that enhances reality i.e it adds on top of reality,  mixing the virtual world with the real world. So we have managed to develop an AR android application able to scan using the device's camera. So the app has a support booklet which gives information about the product to be scanned. The booklet will vary in terms of information. Some for will be for animals, fruits, cities, experiments, transport systems, bridges, etc. So you launch(open) the app on your mobile device and scan the qr code on respective pages on the booklet. Features we want to add on the AR app include 1. sound features for animals and transportation 2. Environment detection for the products being scanned, all this will improve the experience. Virtual reality is a technology that creates virtual experiences, it avails what is not present physically to be seen with the use of virtual lens. So we want to leverage on this technology to curate virtual trips for users. Users will be able to tour cities, world wonders, tour research institutions, airports,  experiments, etc. Though all this will come to be step by step. This will be achieved through the use of virtual lens (googles like wearable). Cloud computing is a revolutionary technology that helps in storage of data. The education sector spends a lot of resources, money which can be easily saved and directed elsewhere. Though this is a long term vision we looking forward to be the Dropbox of education.

Outcomes and Impact

Our products are very unique combination it's improving the way non STEM subjects are being taught at the same time exposing users to technology and innovation.We using and want to use Extended Realities (virtual reality, augmented reality and mixed reality) and cloud computing improve and better the learning process. Through Extended Realities we enhance and help learning become more visual. Through cloud computing we want to build an education cloud for education related stuff.

Potential to be scaled and replicated

Zimbabwe has over 3000 primary schools and over 1000 high schools each school with a cumulative enrollment of about 500 students all of which can leverage on our products to improve their services. Furthermore more there are people in need of our products yet not enrolled with any school. Scaling this to 54 African countries who also can leverage on our products.  The cloud platform in particular is in need, hence can be scaled through adoption by more users and of cause a strong capital.