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Title of Innovation:


Year of implementation: 2002



Implemented by: MathsGee

Country/Countries where the Innovation is being implemented: Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa, Zimbabwe

Problem being solved

MathsGee is solving the mismatch of skills expectations between employers and prospective employees (students) which leads to:

  • A small employable talent pool
  • Long and expensive onboarding process
  • High unemployment

Description of innovation

An online bank for the facilitation of exchange of knowledge between course co-creators (employers) and students (prospective employees) driven by unemployed youths (instructional designers) with the objective of:

  • Increasing the employable talent pool.
  • Reducing onboarding time.
  • Connecting unemployed youth with employers as authors

Outcomes and Impact

  • Poverty reduction/economic empowerment
  • Income increase for the once unemployed
  • Reduction in onboarding time
  • Increase in employable talent pool
  • Cost saving for employers
  • Greater cooperation between universities, government and employers
  • Free education

Potential to be scaled and replicated

MathsGee is an online platform which can be accessed form every African country. The focus will be on having in-country representatives who liaise with companies in the different territories and also ensure that all African languages are included.