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Title of Innovation: Learning through Interactive Voice Response (IVR)


Year of implementation: N/A


Implemented by: Oxygen Technologies Co. Ltd

Country/Countries where the Innovation is being implemented: Kenya

Problem being solved

Education Accessibility is a real problem facing most African countries, So our solution developed

to be a platform allow to audience to access for educational contents and materials from anywhere in anytime with cheapest possible cost.

Description of innovation

Based on Interactive Voice Response we developed a telecom solution provide a language learning materials and content through a phone call and without need for smart phone or high speed internet.

Audiance can listen to content by make a phone call to the system, then the system will direct through menues till he reach his target language level and class.

With partnership with local mobile operators in any country we can connect our platform with their network to make the service available for all mobile subscribers in that country. Based on daily subscription not exceed than half of a dollar, subscribers can enjoy the lectures all the day without charge base on call duration.


Potential to be scaled and replicated

Currently we have a subscription DB include more that 1 Million subscribers in our all language classes. So if we deploy and duplicate this platform in other African countries we expect a huge number of subscription in our learning services.