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IMG 5166Africa is ushering into an era that most observers and pundits are predicting will determine its destiny as the continent of the future. But to fulfill this promised bright future, the continent has to come to terms with its education and training systems that are yet to fully shed the weight of its colonial legacy and its own tribulations as a relatively new political and economic entity and player in the world arena.


In the bid to create a new African citizen who will be an effective change agent for the continent’s sustainable development as envisioned by the AU and its 2063 Agenda, the African Union Commission has developed a comprehensive ten-year Continental Education Strategy for Africa (CESA 16-25). 


This strategy is driven by the desire to set up a “qualitative system of education and training to provide the African continent with efficient human resources adapted to African core values and therefore capable of achieving the vision and ambitions of the African Union. Read more: CESA 16-25


Title of Innovation: The Science Set


Year of implementation: N/A

Website: www.thescienceset.com


Implemented by: Dext Technology Limited

Country/Countries where the Innovation is being implemented: Ghana

Problem being solved

or years, African governments, Educators and parents have raised concerns about the lack of practical science education at the basic level. In the 21st Century, STEM education presents greater opportunities for personal and socioeconomic development. This is particularly true for Africa. However, for millions of students, scalable, portable and affordable solutions that bring quality practical science education to the masses are woefully lacking, thereby leading to a lack of science experience beyond the blackboard and a resultant lack of understanding of scientific concepts and low interest in science. The science set solves this by bringing one-on-one science lab experiences to students in an effective and safe way.

Description of innovation

The science set is an affordable,portable, and effective, practical toolbox (dimension) that provides practical experiential science education for students. It currently contains 46+ components that can help students perform 26+ experiments stipulated in their curriculum. The core users of the science set are basic education students across Africa and parts of the developing world starting from Ghana. The market is divided into private schools and government schools. However, our key customers are the parents of students, non-governmental institutions, schools, companies and the government. Currently, there are about 144million basic students across sub Saharan Africa.


Potential to be scaled and replicated

The innovation can be sustained by consistent product development with required investments to help scale it up. Currently, the science set has been adapted in various countries across the globe and can be used both in every certain be it the home or school of the user.


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