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From 12 to 13 February 2019, the Pan African University Council held a meeting aiming at taking stock of the progress made so far in terms of strategic development at the Pan African University and ensuring consistence and alignment with the 2019-2023 Strategic Plan. 

 Chaired by the President of the PAU Council, Prof. Pierre Dominique NZINZI, this two-day meeting was attended by Council members including, the AUC Commissioner for Human Resources, Science and Technology, Prof. Sarah Anyang Agbor, the Vice-President of PAU council, Prof. Nthabiseng Ogude Audrey, the PAU Interim Deputy Rector, Prof. Kassa Belay,  the Directors of PAU Institutes, PAU staff and consultants. 

Elected in January and July 2018 as respectively, President and Vice-President of the PAU Council, this meeting was the first convened by the new leadership of the PAU Council. 
The meeting aimed at studying the various ways to increase the financial resources allocated to PAU as they impact the various activities geared towards excellence. After welcoming the audience, Prof. Nzinzi briefly outlined the agenda of the meeting emphasizing the issue of resources which according to him remain the most critical challenge for PAU. Several presentations were made by:The Vice President of the PAU Council, Prof Nthabiseng, who briefed the audience on the PAU Council’s Standing Committees Meeting held from 17-18 December 2018;A number of resolutions emerged from this meeting. They included inter alia the need to revisit PAU’s programmes and development strategies as well as the recruitment of long term academic staff for PAUWES. It was also recommended to publish and disseminate the Strategic Plan through the Committee of 10 champions of EST and STC-EST Bureau and to establish a committee to review PAU’s curricula to ensure consistence with AU Agenda 2063 vision. In addition, the 2020 PAU draft budget was endorsed and the council agreed to replace the two students representatives, sitting as members of the council.