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The Second Decade of Education for Africa was a successor to the First Decade of Education for Africa from 1997-2006. In recognition of the
importance of getting it right in education in Africa, the sixth ordinary session of the Assembly of Heads of State and Government of the African Union adopted a resolution to launch a Second Decade of Education for Africa, and endorsed the Framework for Action earlier adopted to that effect by the Second Conference of African Ministers of Education (COMEDAF II).


Guiding Principles:
To enhance the chances of success, the following principles will guide the implementation of the Plan of Action of the Second Decade of Education:

  1. Ensuring enhanced political support particularly at national levels, but also at regional, continental and international levels.
  2. Concentration on strategic issues whose implementation will make a significant difference within Member States and also at the regional level;
  3. Enhancing mutual assistance among African States;
  4. Enhancing the capacities of Regional Economic Communities and national implementation mechanisms;
  5. Establishing strong and effective monitoring and oversight mechanisms at all levels;
  6. Avoiding creation of new structures, by capitalising on existing structures;
  7. Institutionalising exchange of documentation, sharing and celebrating of positive experiences and promising initiatives among Member States;
  8. Institutionalising collaboration and mutual support between countries, and avoiding unnecessary duplication of initiatives.


Areas of Focus:
The Conference of Ministers of Education of the African Union has adopted the following areas of focus for the Second Decade of Education:

  1. Gender and culture
  2. Education management information systems
  3. Teacher development
  4. Tertiary education
  5. Technical and vocational education and training, including education in difficult situations
  6. Curriculum, and teaching and learning materials
  7. Quality management


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